ROADSIDE PICNIC meets SEVERANCE, a literary debut subverting classic sci-fi tropes set in gentrified Chicago, Silicon Valley, and across the vastness of the cosmos.


From the streets of gentrified Chicago, to the tech boom corridors of Silicon Valley, THIS WEIGHTLESS WORLD follows a revolving cast of characters after alien contact upends their lives. We are introduced to Sevi, a burned-out music teacher desperate for connection; Ramona, his on-again, off-again computer programmer girlfriend; and Eason, Sevi’s protégé, struggling after his high school is shuttered; all in the wake of an enigmatic signal arriving from outer space.
When the signal—at first seen as a sign of hope—stops as abruptly as it started, Sevi, Ramona, and Eason are forced to grapple with its aftermath. Sevi fights to find meaning in rekindled love; Ramona—determined to build an AI to prevent mankind’s self-destruction—senses past mistakes eclipsing the world’s future. In Chicago, Eason measures his commitment to an estranged childhood friend against the chance of escaping neighborhood troubles.


A deconstruction of science fiction tropes, THIS WEIGHTLESS WORLD looks to the past for a vision of the future.


This Weightless World

a novel



A collection of award-winning ghost stories from the author of THIS WEIGHTLESS WORLD.

A soon-to-be empty-nester is visited by her son's comatose girlfriend every night; a couple travels to see a childhood friend in Wyoming after she has killed her abusive husband; a trillionaire centenarian, bent on becoming the first person to die of natural causes on Mars, puts his plans on hold when a Martian woman is murdered; and a one-armed Harlem Hellfighter discovers a German tailor's alterations to his military uniform mysteriously return his missing arm to him while Influenza ravages Philadelphia. Sorrowful, funny, and surreal, the tilted ghost stories comprising CONCERNING THOSE WHO HAVE FALLEN ASLEEP explore the ways we haunt each other and ourselves through our choices, institutions, and dreams.  

Concerning Those Who

Have Fallen Asleep


Fall 2022