Adam is an experienced teacher, mentor, and editor, having taught creative writing to adults at the Iowa Writers' Workshop and children in the Austin area. He is available for lectures and workshops in central Texas, as well as manuscript consultation and editing, all on a sliding scale. Please contact for further details.  

Upcoming events @ The Writing Barn:

Oct. 29 Do It Again: Conventions and Experiment in the Art of Revision

Six-Week Online Workshop starting in January 2018


Nurture your inner voice through movement, writing, breath and color. 
 September 21-24, 2017 at the La Playa Paradise Beach Home in Port Aransas, TX.

After discussing examples of object study by Francis Ponge and Symbolist poetry by Mallarmé, we’ll dive inward, using journaling, poetry, and prose to build semantic sanctuaries for our thoughts and utterances. Some will find a practice, but we will all experience the important voices which emerge in the rare periods of silence we’re willing to make space for.

Check it out.

STRAIGHT OUT OF SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY: Writers' League of Texas Third Thursday Panel Discussion 9/15/16 - 7:00 PM - BookPeople - FREE and open to the public

We've all heard the statement, "It's like something out of science fiction." Changes in politics and technology often seem to resemble the invented worlds of writers like Philip K. Dick and Ursula K. Le Guin. But those novelists' most famous books were written more than 40 years ago. What stories is this prescient genre creating today? What worlds do writers invent when reality seems so fantastic?

Join the Writers’ League of Texas on BookPeople's third floor for this conversation with four science fiction/fantasy writers.


9/7/16 - 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM - THE WRITING BARN, AUSTIN, TX

Turning writing into a transformative experience by engaging the unknown world.